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Tolasana or Uttpluthi
Uplifting Posture
Tol = Scale, Uttpluthi = "the uplifting" Utplutihi is a word that can mean an uplifted version of any pose.
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Strengthen your wrists, arms, and abs, hanging in the balance of Tolasana.
Side Plank Pose ...

Tulasana (Sanskrit: तुलासन; IAST: Tulāsana), Balance Pose,[1] Dolasana (Swing Pose),[2] Tolasana (Scale Pose),[3][4] or Utthita Padmasana (Raised Lotus Pose)[5] is an asana.
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On to the arm balances, approximately from easiest to hardest:
15)Lolasana (dangling earring pose)
16)Tolasana (scales pose)
17)Kukkutasana (rooster pose)
18)Purvottanasana (inclined plane, or reverse plank)
19)Astavakrasana (8-bends pose)
20)Eka pada bhujasna (I think this is the one called ...

Yoga Poses for Hips
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Scale Yoga Pose - Tolasana
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