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Frame counter


Frame Counter
The frame counter also runs in reverse, always showing you the number of exposures you have left.
It reads E when empty.

Frame CounterEdit
A frame counter or exposure counter is a mechanism for recording the number of film frames exposed or for calculating the number of exposures remaining on a roll of film or memory card.
Modern Camera features Edit ...

Frame counter: The display that tells you how many shots you've taken, or are left, on a roll of film. The frame counter may be located on the camera's LCD panel or in a small separate window.

The visual ~s are two small red windows, similar to those used on the much loved box brownie of many yester years. There is a slide to close the red windows when not being used.
For the trial I decided to go for the 612 format, which does not require any masking.

The M2 lacked the self-resetting film ~ of its predecessor.
M1 - 1959-64 (9,392 sets were manufactured). A stripped-down version of the M2 for scientific/technical use, the M1 was a viewfinder camera with no built-in rangefinder.

The top of the body featured three controls plus a window to show the film ~. Two dials were used to focus the lens from eight inches to infinity and to adjust shutter speeds between 1/2 and 1/1000 second. The lens's aperture remained fixed at f/3.5, so shutter speeds alone were used to control exposure.

- Consult your manual to see how many pictures will fit on your chosen size of card or simply plug the card into the camera and see what the ~ says. Better yet, crank off a bunch of pictures for a real world test.

Check that the flashgun fires when the shutter is released, thus exposing the leader of the film - usually the first two or three frames before the ~ registers '1'. This is also an excellent opportunity to observe the flash recycle time.

A small and rather dim LCD data display is located to the right of the shooting mode dial. It displays aperture, shutter speed. ISO, exposure and flash compensation, auto bracketing, metering mode, remote control and battery data plus a ~.

Magnification: 0.8 with 50 mm lens set to infinity and -1.0 DP
Information: Focus indicators, shutter speed, aperture, exposure mode, metering, shutter-speed lock, aperture lock, AE lock, electronic analog display, ~, ready light, five sets of focus brackets (areas) ...

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